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China Stainless Steel Sink Sink Manufacturers Share Kitchens On-Demand Design And Use More Comfortable

Some of the common mistakes in the kitchen can make the kitchen more convenient and more personal. However, the most important thing about the kitchen is that the layout should be done well. Different types of kitchens are suitable for different layouts, and are more comfortable to design on-demand. How do China Stainless Steel Sink manufacturers share the layout?

According to the three kitchen washing processes of washing, cutting and boiling, according to different combinations, the kitchen is generally divided into three main areas: the sink, the chopping board preparation area and the stove area. The different combinations of the three regions divide the kitchen into three types: single-line kitchen, L-shaped kitchen and U-shaped kitchen.

Single line kitchen

Small size or single apartment is best. Usually, the kitchen area is relatively small, and the single-line type kitchen is more suitable for the narrow and long layout, and it is convenient to turn around. Advantages: The three processes of washing and cutting are on the same plane, smooth and natural. Single-line kitchens must be equipped with wall cabinets to solve the problem of kitchen storage.

L-shaped kitchen

Suitable for narrow and long layouts, that is, kitchens with large gaps. The L-shaped kitchen is a more common kitchen layout. Although it has more corner positions than the single-line kitchen, it is more flexible and changeable. L-shaped kitchens usually place the sink position on the side of the short console. This can not only facilitate the washing and cooking of two people at the same time, but also can separate the clear water and the open fire, which is safer.

U-shaped kitchen

It is suitable for kitchens that are more square and have a larger area. Because the U-shaped kitchen requires a double countertop double-operated table with enough aisle position in the middle, there is enough width. This square kitchen is best suited for U-shaped kitchens.Advantages: The space utilization rate is high. From the design point of view, the washing area, cooking area, operation area and storage area of ​​the U-shaped kitchen can be clearly defined. However, if the area is not enough, don’t make a U-shaped kitchen. Otherwise, the walkway is too narrow and it is not convenient to move around. It is troublesome to turn around. The layout of the kitchen should be designed according to the size of the area, while avoiding the common mistakes, in order to make the kitchen comfortable!


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