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China Stainless Steel Sink Suitable For Detergent Can Also Be Cleaned

China Stainless Steel Sink are a must for the kitchen. They can be used for washing dishes, washing vegetables, etc. In general, few people will remember to clean the sink, or the way to clean it is not right. In fact, the sink has to be cleaned for a long time, otherwise, it is easy to carry bacteria.

1. First, wipe the surface and surface of the sink with a rag and wipe off the surface stains first (do not use steel balls here).

2. then, sprinkle a layer of baking soda on the surface of the sink, add water to make a paste.

3. After that, pick up the small toothbrush and start a little brush. Brush the yellow spots, rust marks, stains, etc. along the lines of the sink.

4. After brushing, wipe a layer of paper towel or towel inside the sink, then sprinkle with white vinegar on it until it is soaked.

5. Finally, use detergent to wash it.

6. now look at the sink is not shiny! If there is any smell in the sink of your sink, you can put some lemon in it, so you can remove the odor!

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