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Corundum Abrasive Manufacturer Teaches You How To Polish And Polish

Today, the Corundum Abrasive manufacturer teaches you how to polish your jade:1. How to polish and polish the jade, also called “de-roughing”, that is, using “rubber grinding” to polish the surface of the semi-finished jade carving to be more delicate and smooth, which is some simple preparation before polishing.2. How to polish and polish the jade, and polish it with special polishing powder. Polishing agents used for polishing generally use red powder (iron oxide powder), green powder (chromium oxide powder) and natural diamond powder. The polishing agent is adjusted with a proper amount of water and oil juice, coated on a soft material – felt, leather, cotton, wood, gourd shell, and then slowly rubbed on the surface of the jade, rotating a section At the time, you can get a smooth, clean, sparkling jade surface. The beauty of jade and the skill of jade craftsmanship can be fully reflected.3. How to polish and polish the jade, it is to clean the polished jade pieces.4, through the wax, is to rub the paraffin on the hot jade pieces, after cooling, wipe the surface with a cloth, so that the surface of the jade pieces has a crystal brightness.5. Jade polishing is divided into two types: “hard bright” and “glue bright”. The “hard” light has a high brightness, and the strong flash “glue” has a low brightness and is weak. From the technical point of view, “glue bright” is one less process than “hard bright”, which is only used when making antique jade.

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