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What Are The Characteristics Of High Quality China Stainless Steel Sinks?

For the modern kitchen, exquisite decoration, generous color, and exquisite storage cabinets can bring efficient and delicious cooking to life. The kitchen sink plays a vital role in the production of food, or in the cleaning of utensils. Choosing a China Stainless Steel Sinkthat is not easy to mold, easy to block, easy to clean and long-lasting has become the pursuit of most families. On the one hand, it is practical and economical, on the other hand, the combination is simple and diverse, and it is suitable for a variety of decorating styles.

Choosing a stainless steel sink requires attention to the manufacturing process of the product. The double-slot design from the AFA brand uses a thick-edged food grade SUS304 stainless steel, which is finely machined, without front and raw edges, while exquisite texture can avoid contamination. Nano-sludge, effectively prevent the sink from rusting, and its plate is also very thick. It is made of 5 layers of material, which is 30% thicker than the ordinary sink, effectively extending the service life of the kitchen sink.

The key to choosing a sink is the size of the sink. Every kitchen is different. The AFA brand’s sink style has a single slot, double slot, and other styles. It is suitable for a variety of installation environments, beautifully shaped and sized. Optional, there is always a match for you, making space utilization more reasonable.

Not only that, but the AFA brand’s sink production process also uses oil-resistance technology, combined with its unique three-layer wire drawing process and demagnetization process, the oil resistance of the water tank is 78% higher than similar products, the oil is not sticky, and the light is immediately bright. new. Its fine drawing technology also makes the sink more resistant to corrosion and scratch, keeping the steel luster.

In general, choosing a high-quality stainless steel sink is to choose a plate that is thicker, exquisite in workmanship, suitable in size, easy to clean, and efficient in water production. The AFA brand stainless steel sink is designed with a super-slim water system, a telescopic anti-overflow tube, a deodorizing U-tube, a stretch drain and a large-diameter drain. It is made of antibacterial material, which is convenient for drainage, watertight and non-blocking. At the same time, it can also effectively deodorize, prevent bacteria and prevent reptiles.

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