Danfoss Motor – Car Motor Cleaning Matters


They are all talking about motor cleaning, so how can it be washed? The     Danfoss Motor     describes the four parts of the car motor cleaning method:

1. motor cylinder cleaning

The most common and simplest motor cleaning is motor in-cylinder cleaning. This type of cleaning of new vehicles is generally recommended to be carried out between 4 and 60,000 km, after which it can be cleaned as appropriate at around 30,000 km.

The operation of in-cylinder cleaning is relatively simple. The most common way is to add cleaning agent to the old motor oil before maintenance, and then start the car to let the motor clean the inside by the reciprocating motion of the piston. After a period of time, the motor will be replaced according to the maintenance process. can.

Now more thorough operation is to open the old oil after cleaning, and use a machine with blowing capacity to connect to the oil grid interface, and blow the residual old oil out of the oil pan screw to ensure no residual residue in the motor. The oil is present. However, such an operation needs to be judged according to the difference in motor design. For example, the Ford model oil pan screw is on the side, and the old oil below the liquid surface can never be blown out. The effect is not good, but the oil is like Audi. The model at the bottom is very good.

2. Injector nozzle, throttle cleaning

When it comes to oil cleaning, I believe many of my friends will think of fuel additives. This is indeed a method of oil cleaning. However, the car industry has always believed that as long as regular maintenance and oil quality are guaranteed, there is no need to choose additives, but for fuel injectors. Cleaning can never be ignored.

The nozzle is cleaned to prevent the fuel injection group from clogging and affecting the performance of the vehicle. The main operation of cleaning the injector is to cut off the oil circuit between the fuel tank and the motor, and connect the equipment containing the combustible detergent to the oil circuit to start the motor. The motor is operated by the combustion of the combustible detergent, and the fuel injection nozzle is sprayed. To clean the nozzle.

Of course, the effect of cleaning the injector is also related to the motor, which is precisely related to the design of the injector. The Ford car injector is a 4-hole design. The fuel injection port is relatively large and it is not easy to form a nozzle blockage. Therefore, the cycle of cleaning the injector can be longer, and the motor that pursues performance such as Toyota, in order to make the gasoline better. The use of a 12-hole design, smaller fuel injection port, coupled with domestic oil quality and other issues, may form a nozzle blockage, so the cycle of cleaning the injector can be a little shorter.

In general, injector cleaning and throttle cleaning are a combination of 4S stores, so we put them together. Throttle cleaning is to remove the throttle valve, clean it with a cleaning agent, and the operation is relatively simple.

3. Inlet cleaning

The carbon deposit in the intake system affects the intake of the motor and affects the performance of the vehicle’s power and fuel consumption. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the carbon deposits in the intake.

In the air intake system, carbon cleaning is troublesome. In a simple and rude manner, most of the carbon is scraped off by a tool such as a screwdriver, and then cleaned with professional equipment and detergent. There is also a way to clean the air intake system by dry ice cleaning. This method relies on a professional machine to smash the dry ice into a powder, and then blow it into the place where it needs to be cleaned, and absorb carbon from the dry ice, heat and carbon shrinkage. Blow off. It is obvious that dry ice cleaning does not damage the motor.

However, due to the protection of the three-way catalytic converter, the car industry said that the inlet cleaning should not be excessive, and the car with too much carbon is not recommended for cleaning. After all, a large amount of carbon is intercepted by the three-way catalyst. Causes three-way catalytic blockage.

4. Exhaust system cleaning

Exhaust system cleaning mainly refers to three-way catalytic converter cleaning. Cleaning three-way catalysis can improve exhaust efficiency while ensuring exhaust gas emissions.

  To clean the three-way catalysis, we only need to extend the professional three-way catalytic cleaner from the position of the front oxygen sensor of the exhaust pipe to the cleaning three-way catalysis. Because the three-way catalytic converter is expensive, the self-owned brand will cost 3,000 yuan, and the joint venture brand will be in the seven or eight thousand. Therefore, in order to prevent it from being clogged, cleaning is still necessary, but the effect of three-way catalytic cleaning is not Be sure to get protection and pay attention.