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kravmaga training to learn the basics to advanced skills at us on : you are going to take a self-defense course, make sure that you are enrolled in a kravmaga training that teaches multiple response options and not just, “when the bad guy attacks, do this and then that.”  It is irresponsible and dangerous for any instructor to teach that there is a single solution to ALL threatening situations, or that one or two moves are ALWAYS going to save you. Just as there are multiple facets to every individual, every situation and circumstance will dictate a different response. And your training should encompass them all.My Social : Self-defense & Fitness Training115 Aero Country Rd, McKinney, TX 75071, USAPhone : +1 469-777-6621Email : [email protected] In ….Self Defense ClassesLtc ClassesKravmaga TrainingTactical TrainingKravmaga ClassesWomen Self Defense ClassesCorporate Self Defense TrainingHand To Hand Combat Training