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Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Share The Steps Of Acceptance Cabinet

Stainless Steel Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers share custom cabinet acceptance considerations:

●Customized cabinet door panel acceptance

The door panel of the custom cabinet is the key factor affecting the aesthetics of the whole cabinet. The cabinet door has many styles and materials. When installing the cabinet door, the cabinet door should be inspected, including the surface, material and installation effect.

Door color numberPay attention to whether the cabinet door panel is consistent with the color number you selected at the time, whether the material is the same, the surface should be free from damage, and the overall color of the door panel should be consistent.

2. Door panel flatnessThe door panel must be flat and free of blistering, and the shape of the door is originally ordered; if there is a door panel with a sealing edge, the color of the sealing edge meets the requirements at the time of ordering.

3. Door panel appearanceThe installation of the door panels should correspond to each other, the height should be consistent, and the width of all the slots should be the same; the handles should be on the same horizontal line. In addition, it is necessary to check whether the handle and the door leaf are scratched, damaged or rusted.

●Cabinet counter acceptance

The countertops of the cabinets must be durable. A good cabinet, the material of the cabinets, durability, wear resistance and other properties are very important. When installing the cabinets, there are often problems such as table scraping, sink inlay problems, and too large countertops. .

●Cabinet accessories acceptance

Don’t underestimate the accessories of the cabinet. The small accessories affect the connection and use of the whole cabinet. If the quality of the cabinet accessories and the installation are not enough, the durability of the cabinet will be greatly reduced.

1. Check if the handle is securely installed.The installation of the handle is related to the durability of the use. The handle is a common part of the cabinet. Make sure that the handle is securely installed. It is also necessary to reserve enough space for the opening and closing of the cabinet. If the cabinet is opened and the door frame is in contact with it, this is unqualified.

2. Check that the fasteners are secureThe hinges that are most tested in the cabinet are the hinges. It not only must accurately connect the cabinet and the door panel, but also bear the weight of the door panel alone, and must maintain the consistency of the door arrangement. Otherwise, after a period of time, it may be tilted back and forth, slipping off the shoulder. In addition, the slide rails also play an important role. At the time of acceptance, it is necessary to check the installation of fixing parts such as hinges and slide rails.


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