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Vibratory Polishing Machine Manufacturer Shares The Installation Process Of The Vibrating Machine

Today, the manufacturer of Vibratory Polishing Machine will share the installation method of the vibrating machine:1, The level between the motor and the load is not adjusted well, causing a radial impact between the load and the motor.2, The screws on the motor foot are not fixed, or the fixed shelf is not designed.3, did not consider the load situation to select the type, some loads are frequently started and stopped, maybe only 1KW of power is calculated, the design considers the heat dissipation and the weakening problem, may need 3KW to use.4, the line is wrong, for example, the star type is connected to the triangle type, and the triangle type is connected to the star type, which may cause the internal motor to overheat.information about vibratory polishing machine: https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/vibratory-polishing-machine/5, The load requires some special braking. The motor does not have a corresponding mechanical or electronic brake. It may not be able to release energy when parking.6, the motor does not design some protection devices, such as overheating, overload, over temperature, lack of equal, these may occur during use, but because the protection is not in place, the motor will burn directly.7, The wiring is wrong, or the reverse is reversed, or the wire is thinned, or the terminal wire is not pressed, resulting in excessive contact resistance.8, If you use a photoelectric encoder or the like, you need to consider some dust protection and anti-collision protection.9, If the drive is broken, it will cause high voltage or high current burnout on the motor side.10, when the power supply, did not take into account the motor withstand voltage problems, such as 220 volts, using 380 volts into it.11, some stepper motor and servo motor, can not be disassembled to replace the bearing or the like, otherwise it may lose magnetism or cause the encoder pole zero offset can not be used normally.information about vibratory polishing machine: https://www.zhongyun-machine.com/product/vibratory-polishing-machine/