Exposing The Problem Of Recycling Cosmetic Bottles


The most direct result of the rise of the visual economy is that people pay more attention to the “face project”. When entering any family, there are more or less bottles and cans on the dressing table, toner, moisturizer and whitening cream….. At first glance, there will always be a few bottles that are empty, exquisite and upscale, but they don’t know what to use, so they have to leave it in place. “Half of the bottles in this line of skin care products are empty. If the cosmetics are used up, I don’t know how to handle them.” Skincare experts said:

In this situation, many women have to have a personal experience. A bottle of lotion is used up. It’s a pity that the delicate cosmetic bottles are thrown away. It is more and more occupied at home. It’s not a beer bottle that can be recycled now. If cosmetics manufacturers also recycle cosmetic bottles, like Ms. Chen, many consumers hope that cosmetics manufacturers can recycle cosmetic bottles on a regular basis, which can solve the similar problems of consumers and avoid the repeated production and waste of packaging resources. . However, although cosmetic bottles are beautifully made and of good quality, recycling is not that simple.

It is understood that the high-quality glass material for      Cosmetic Bottles     can be used for refilling after being cleaned by a professional cleaning machine after being used. However, most cosmetics manufacturers believe that by recycling glass bottles such as cosmetic bottles and health care products bottles, the reduction in the recycling channels and transportation costs will be higher than the use of new glass bottles, which makes the glass bottles Recycling received resistance.

Of course, some cosmetic manufacturers are now beginning to realize this problem. In November 2011, China’s well-known natural cosmetics brand and manufacturer PBA launched the environmental protection activity of “Your empty cosmetic bottles, we recycle; you do environmental protection, we pay” Not only the recycling of the brand’s empty cosmetic bottles, but also the empty cosmetics bottles of other brands can be recycled, which is highly regarded and praised in the cosmetics circle. At the same time, there are also consumer reactions. Some unscrupulous merchants have high-priced recycling of high-quality cosmetics and empty bottles to make counterfeit high-end cosmetics sold online. It is understood that there are two kinds of claims about cosmetics in the industry, one is sub-package and the other is original. The so-called original is the direct production of cosmetics manufacturers, and the packaging is actually filling. And now there are a lot of illegal sellers on the Internet to collect brand cosmetics empty bottles, and then fill in inferior cosmetics, sold through the Internet at low prices. This also gives us an alarm to the industry. When the normal recycling channels of cosmetic bottles are not smooth, it may be exploited by some unscrupulous unscrupulous merchants to take advantage of the empty bottle of consumers. This not only harms the interests of consumers. The reputation of the brand-name cosmetics brand will also have a negative impact.