High Pressure Gear Pump: How Does It Work?

Gear Pump Manufacturers   analysis: The high-pressure gear pump relies on the mutual engagement of the main driven gear to divide the duplex internal gear pump IPH into an oil suction chamber and a pressure oil chamber. The oil suction chamber is gradually disengaged due to the mutual internal gear pump IPH, and the sealing working volume is gradually increased to form part of the vacuum. Therefore, the oil in the oil tank enters the oil suction chamber through the oil suction pipe under the action of the external atmospheric pressure, and the inter-tooth groove is filled. , and as the gear (quantity gear pump HGP-3A) rotates, bring the oil to the left pressure chamber. On the side of the oil pressure zone, since the gear teeth (quantity gear pump SGP1A) gradually enters into engagement here, the volume of the sealed working chamber is continuously reduced, and the oil is squeezed out and transported from the pressure oil chamber to the pressure line. When the electric (hydraulic motor pump set) machine is running, the propulsion device runs at high speed along with the main shaft. The propulsion device is similar to an axial flow hydraulic pump, and the rate of emptying is much greater than the rate at which the gear meshes and empties, with the propulsion device The propelling action, the back leakage of the gear mesh is blocked, and the ultimate vacuum formed is naturally greatly improved. The oil in the lower position is quickly sucked into the pump chamber and then discharged into the outlet through the oil discharge chamber.