China Emergency Light Description: Installation Requirements For Emergency Lights


China Emergency Light    Tip: When installing the fire emergency light, the installation location should be at the top of the fire exit door and the height of the evacuation channel and its corner below 1 m from the ground. A single emergency mode is used to generate a fire alarm during the fire suppression process. Fire emergency lighting circuit lighting The normal function of normal lighting can be controlled by the lighting switch. The fire can be transferred to an emergency and connected directly to emergency evacuation lighting. At this point, the switch is out of control and the fire emergency lighting is controlled from the switch.


When a fire breaks out, emergency lighting does not play a role in the escape and plays an important role. If there is no fire after the fire, the fire is very dark and it is difficult for trapped people to find a safe exit. Therefore, when purchasing emergency lighting, be sure to pay attention to the purchase of regular manufacturers’ products, and install and maintain them in strict accordance with the regulations. In this way, emergency lighting can function in the event of a fire, illuminating the life channel.