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China Stainless Steel Sink Is A Common Choice For Families At Present

When you are decorating your home, you have to choose a sink. The Chinese stainless steel sink is the most commonly used. Don’t underestimate this small sink. There is a lot of learning. If you choose it improperly, you may be able to buy a defective product. So, how do you judge the pros and cons of China Stainless Steel Sink ?

1. The process of stainless steel faucet has welding method and integral molding method. We have seen some brand-name sinks, the same size, the price is very different. There are material factors as well as process costs. Of course, it can be said with certainty that the stainless steel sink material of the one-piece molding method is definitely better than the welding method. The first-class water tank is generally produced by one-time stamping method. Of course, there are also low-end products in the famous brand. There are many welding methods, and the hand touches it. Got it. Solder tight, no solder joints. Welding quality is one of the most critical factors affecting the life of the water tank. It is welded well to prevent raw embroidery and desoldering. This is in terms of double slots.

2. The best steel plate for making the sink is the 304 steel plate. This steel plate is the most suitable for kitchen use regardless of hardness and wear resistance. The steel surface is particularly smooth, no oil, no dirt, no need to brush the ball to clean, use a rag is enough. Generally, the water tank needs to have an overflow device, and the surface looks fine.

3. Environmental sanitation, easy to clean, and good flatness. The most intuitive criteria for determining quality and grade are: gloss, oil and no smudge after washing in the basin. Material anti-fouling is a priority when purchasing a sink. In order to make the sink clean, many people are used to brushing with a steel ball. The sink is clean for a while, so the sink is actually dirty. Because of the easy-to-scale sink, the quality of the steel is not so good, and it is easier to hang dirty things with a steel ball.

4. The water pipe is leakproof, the precision of the fittings and the precision of the water tank are the same. The PVC material is used, and the life of the water tank is the same as that of the water tank, preventing clogging and no water leakage. The positioning of the steel ball is the key to the sewage discharge. The steel ball has good positioning quality and can quickly remove the sewage to prevent the odor from returning. The downpipe is another key to the sink to prevent odors. Designing the downpipe to be S-shaped can reduce the back smell of the sewer. It is even more perfect with a special sterilization process.

5. The thickness of the general water tank is 0.8mm-1.0mm, the quality of 1mm is relatively good, too thin affects the service life and strength of the water tank, and too thick is easy to damage the tableware. Good stainless steel sinks use thicker plates. Because the sink has been edge treated, it is difficult to see the thickness at once. The easiest way is to press the surface of the sink a little bit. If it is pressed, the material is very thin, of course. You can borrow vernier calipers and spiral micrometers without being so troublesome.

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