DIM101M-DIN 12-24VDC 5A*3CH CV DMX Decoder

DIM101M-DIN is designed in accordance with DMX512 (1990)/RDM (2009) Protocol. It has 3 channels PWM output and the max current of each channel is up to 5A. With the light color selected mechanism, it is able to control the light with 1-3 colors. DMX address can be set manually by button or RDM master if it works on RDM mode. The installation should be rail or screw fixing. DIM101M-DIN products manufactured by our company have been used in many places. It adopts DC power supply. It is used for RGB LEDs controlling, single or bi-colors LEDs and all kinds of LED modules.

In addition to LED driver, there are also many other kinds of DMX decoder products. If there is a need, please send a message by email to [email protected]