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Stainless Steel Handle Made Sink Manufacturers Share The Characteristics Of Large And Small Pots

Many family kitchens can only be limited to a single basin type, but there are also many kitchens with enough area to put down and double basin type sinks. So today, let’s go along with Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers to see what is important in installing double basin type.The double basin type can wash dishes and control water. Double basin design is widely used in the home. No matter two rooms or three rooms, the double basin can not only meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separately but also become the first choice due to the appropriate space occupation. Compared with a single basin tank, a double basin tank can be cleaned cold, hot, oily, clean and dirty respectively. The double basin sink may take up more space than the single basin sink, but it can make the kitchen form diversified in a certain space, not only convenient to use, but also reduce some monotony and rigidity to the kitchen layout.1. Large and Small Double PotsMost of the double pots are large and small pots. One sink is large and the other is small. A chopping board can be placed on the other side of the sink. After washing the dishes in a large sink, you can directly take the dishes to the dish plate on the other side, which is very convenient and won’t leave water everywhere. However, some people think that it is not possible to use the pan brush in a large water tank with two pots, especially when brushing cooking pots and pressure cookers. If you buy a large water tank with two pots, it is better to buy the one with a larger one and a smaller one. The garbage disposer can be installed under the smaller one. The big ones can wash some big things.2. The child and mother double basinThe sub-basin can be placed at will and is not welded to the sink. From the point of view of convenience and practicality, a large and a small “child-mother” kitchen basin can be selected, i.e. a main basin plus an auxiliary basin body. The main basin is washed and the auxiliary basin is used for cleaning. Such a kitchen basin can freely adjust the water storage amount during use, and can also drain dry-cleaned dishes and vegetables in small troughs.


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