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Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers Share 5 Double Sink Size Details

The sink is an important part of our kitchen, it is easy to clean and durable. When we install the sink in our kitchen, we should consider whether the size of the sink is suitable. Most kitchens are equipped with double sinks. So, what is the standard size of the double sink? Let the Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturerstake you to understand today. Choose the double sink size and double sink selection skills.1. The general single-slot stainless steel sink is 60*1125px, 50*1000px is relatively small;2, the size of the double sink is generally 88*1200px, 81*1175px is more common;3, three slots are generally 97 * 1200px, 103 * 1250px is more common.At present, there are two types of sinks on the market: single tank and double tank. In general, a single-slot pool is more suitable for a smaller space kitchen that can meet the user’s basic cleaning functions. The double-slot pool is also widely used in homes to meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separately, and is also preferred because of the proper space. At the same time, there are three slots or sub-grooves, which are more suitable for the large kitchen with individual style. It also has many functions such as soaking or washing and storing, which can also make the food raw and cooked separately, saving time and effort.The standard sink size design is generally about 500px in depth, so that the tableware can be washed more conveniently and can prevent splashing of water. At the same time, the vertical angle of the basin wall can increase the use area of ​​the sink. If the water hole is in the center of the water tank, the space for the cabinet will be reduced. The water hole below is behind, and the water pipe is installed close to the wall, which not only makes the water quick, but also effectively utilizes the space.Double sink selection tips(1) The raw material stainless steel makes the water tank resistant, and can prevent the damage of various kinds of porcelain utensils due to impact or the like to a large extent. The simple way is to press the surface of the sink slightly, and if it is pressed, it will clarify that the information is very thin. The thickness of the data is moderate, 0.8mm-1.0mm is appropriate, too thin to affect the service life and strength of the sink, too thick to lose strength and simply damage the washed tableware.(2) The stainless steel sink should have a certain thickness, but it is not as thick as possible. Take the 304 stainless steel sink as an example. The thickness is preferably between 0.8 and 1.0mm. The sink is resistant and can prevent all kinds of porcelain to a large extent. Damage to the vessel due to impact or the like. The simpler way to buy is to press the surface of the sink with a little force. If it is pressed down, it will clarify that the information is too thin and the quality is poor.(3) Border: The border of the sink is simple and thin, so that not only the sink has a large washing space and a small appearance scale, but also the water splashed from the sink can be easily wiped back into the sink.(4) Matching parts: The water head is required to have a wall thickness, and the lubrication is treated. When the cage is closed, the water is never leaked, and the beads are durable and comfortable to handle. The downpipe is made of environmentally-friendly disposable material, which has the functions of simple installation, deodorization, heat resistance and aging resistance, and is durable.(5) Weight: The water tank of the normal rail stainless steel material will be heavier, and the stainless steel that is pretending to be defective, such as steel plate, is lighter in weight.information about Stainless Steel Handmade Sink Manufacturers : https://www.afastainlesskb.com/product/sink/handmade-sink/