Eaton Char-Lynn Motor – AJR Motor, 7 Features


        Eaton Char-lynn Motor    Description: The AJR motor is an in-line 4-stroke 4-cylinder 8-valve EFI motor. It is a gasoline motor with 2 valves per valve and cross-flow scavenging. The motor has the following features:

  First, cancel the intermediate shaft. The oil pump is driven directly by the crankshaft through the drive train, reducing the need to simplify the manufacturing process.

  Second, the intake and exhaust pipes are separated on both sides of the cylinder head, thereby reducing the intake air temperature and improving the charging efficiency.

  Third, no distributor, the high voltage generated by the ignition coil is directly sent to the spark plug, and the ignition timing is directly controlled by the electronic control unit (ECU) of the EFI fuel system.

  Fourth, the shape line of the cam is changed, the valve lift is increased, the valve phase is changed, the intake air amount is increased, and the motor power and torque are improved.

  5. Adopted the advanced M3.8.2 electronically controlled sequential multi-point fuel injection system of Bosch.

  6. The diameter of the muffler tube is changed from 50 mm to 45 mm, and the internal structure of the original muffler is adjusted to reduce the noise inside the car.

  Seven, the use of two ignition coils, namely the dual spark ignition system. AJR motor structure parameter table type in-line 4-stroke 4-cylinder 8-valve electric control injection gasoline motor displacement 1781 ml piston diameter × stroke 81.0 mm × 86.4 mm compression ratio 9.5: 1 maximum power 74 kW / 5200 rev / min maximum torque 155 Newton meters /3800 rpm / idling speed (800 ± 30) rev / min oil supply mode Bosch M3.8.2 electronic control sequence multi-point fuel injection system ignition order 1-3-4-2 minimum fuel consumption rate <= 278.5 g / (kW Hour) Lubricant consumption rate 0.5 g / (kWh. Hours) Cooling form Water-cooled cooling water temperature <105 degrees Celsius