Eaton Char-Lynn Motor – Motor Knock: What Effect?


Whether it is a gasoline motor or a diesel motor, the working principle is to inhale the mixed gas (the diesel motor inhales the air) – compression – combustion work – the four strokes of the exhaust, to achieve the motor’s weekly operation. When the motor draws in a mixture of fuel vapor and air, the factors outside the control of the compression stroke that have not yet reached the designed ignition position cause the gas mixture to self-ignite and burn. At this time, the huge impact force generated by the combustion is opposite to the direction of the piston movement, causing the motor to vibrate. This phenomenon is called knocking. The knocking is divided into two types: sensible knocking and non-sensing knocking. Inductive knocking usually causes motor shake, and even the body is obviously shaken; the main performance of non-sensing knock is motor noise.

Eaton Char-lynn Motor     Description: Knocking is a very harmful phenomenon for the motor. The main disadvantages are: reduced motor power, increased fuel consumption, increased noise, poor car comfort, and reduced emissions (both inside and outside the car) Severe smells, sometimes the pollution of a car can be equivalent to the pollution caused by the normal state of more than 200 vehicles, seriously affecting the health of the driver and passengers), the most serious time will cause knocking, motor The flameout and the destruction of the mechanical parts of the motor bring huge economic losses to the owner.