Eaton Char-Lynn Motor – What Is The Motor Exhaust Purification?


The so-called off-board purification means that various exhausting devices are installed in the exhaust system of the automobile, and the exhaust gas of the automobile is changed from the original toxic gas into a non-toxic gas by physical and chemical methods, and then discharged into the atmosphere. Reduce the pollution of the car’s pollutants to the atmospheric environment.


Eaton Char-lynn Motor     Description – motor external exhaust gas purification uses a catalyst to oxidize CO to CO2, oxidize to CO2 and H2O, and NOx to N2. The catalysts used are manganese oxide, copper oxide, metal oxides such as chromium oxide, nickel oxide, copper oxide, and noble metals such as white metal (platinum). They all purify CO and HC. The three-way catalytic converter is installed on the exhaust device of the automobile motor. When the automobile exhaust gas passes through the passage of the purifier, the purifying agent in the metacatalyst will enhance the activity of three gases of CO, HC and NOx, and urges it to perform certain operations. Oxidation and reduction chemical reaction, in which CO is oxidized to a colorless, non-toxic carbon dioxide gas at a high temperature; HC compound is oxidized to water (H20) and carbon dioxide at a high temperature; NOx is reduced to nitrogen and oxygen, and three harmful gases are turned into Harmless gas has high purification efficiency and can purify more than 90% of harmful substances. This is the most effective and realistic measure at the moment.