Jump Start Manufacturers Gives Instructions For Car Battery Use


Speaking of car batteries. Nowadays, there are more and more electronic devices in the car, and his tasks are getting heavier and heavier. From the initial start of the car to the demand for audio and lighting, the life of the car battery is becoming more and more important for the car.


When the car battery is properly maintained, the battery life can be extended by up to 1/3. If it is not used properly, it is sometimes estimated that it has just been hanged after the warranty period.


How to improve the battery life? The       jump start manufacturers     summarized the following points for everyone.


1. Cleaning and maintenance


The battery is generally fixed in the car, and the house car vibrates during the driving process to cause damage to the internal circuit board of the battery. Therefore, we only need to pay attention to the cleanliness of the exterior. Sometimes, the oxide layer will appear on the pole of the battery. Sometimes there may be some animals excreted on it. These will cause the battery’s extreme speed damage to affect the maximum current output at startup. Even in relatively extreme cases, the battery will discharge itself with a small current. Just like the leakage of electrical equipment inside a car.


2. Charge in time


There are chargers in the car, but the charger is not a panacea. Sometimes he can’t meet the power demand of the car. In general, we need to use an external power supply to charge the battery. It is common to charge more than 75% of the discharge.


However, in general, when the car cannot be started, it is found that the car is out of power. Excessive discharge of the battery is not conducive to the presence of active substances, and may even lead to oxidation of the plates.


3. Regular inspection


This is mainly to check the appearance. Nowadays, the maintenance-free battery is generally used in the car. We can check whether the light of the observation hole is normal. Also checked is whether the battery is expanding or cracking. If the battery expands, you need to check if there are other faults. Generally, the battery expands because the generator is too large. You need to check if the charger is faulty.


If you are using a lead-acid battery, you need to check the electrolyte level. If it does not, you need to add the electrolyte to the appropriate height or distilled water, but you should never use tap water.


4. Use note:


Do not start the car frequently: if the car starts, it will let the battery output a large current. It is not recommended to drive more than five seconds each time. If the first start fails, then in principle, it is recommended that the battery has a recovery time of more than ten seconds.


Do not use electrical equipment in the flameout state: Many car owners will be in the flameout state, here to open the sound, feel the feeling of loneliness. However, in this case, the output is pure and there is no input. If it is used for a long time, it will consume the battery, and there is no way to start it. It also hurts the battery.


5. A warning sign of battery life criticality


Now the average life of a car battery is about three years. If the battery is going to strike, it can be felt during driving, such as difficulty in starting and increased fuel consumption.


In short, the battery life is generally three years, but improper use, two years or even a year may be used properly, can reach 34 years, on the basis of understanding the daily role, we can carry out proper maintenance, develop good use habit. One is that the battery can save a small amount of gasoline for a year.